Oly Concepts is an Olympic Weightlifting service providing education, training, and competitive opportunities at multiple locations. We specialize in teaching people how to move the barbell safely, efficiently, and with more comfort regardless of age, gender, or athletic background. Founded by U.S. Senior International Coach, Daniel Camargo, in 2012, Oly Concepts was an educational platform using tutorials, seminars, publications, and free tips via social media. Coach Camargo is a 27 year veteran of the sport and in this time he has represented the United States in international competition as both the athlete and coach. Since 1999, Coach Camargo established his own Weightlifting Club and after creating Oly Concepts, he changed the team name to match his educational platform. Team Oly Concepts, as it is known today, further promotes his brand while supporting Coach Camargo's athletes and non-competitive clients. In 2016, Coach Camargo made the decision to expand his coaching from one physical location, and the internet, to multiple "Satellite" location with headquarters in Central Florida. Oly Concepts offers in person training, remote coaching, and competitive coaching for anyone who is interested.