• Participants are filmed and the video is used to analyze their technique.

  • Students learn Camargo's simple progression and simple way to learn & teach the lifts.

  • Students will train using the new information learned.

  • Students learn drills to help fix their technique.

  • Time is spent on individual attention

  • Several video comparisons are shared with the class.


  • For those interested in attending, please click any of the Seminars listed and follow instructions for registration.

  • For those interested in hosting an Oly Concepts event, please use our Contact page and let us know you're interested.

  • We'll respond with details on how to set one up and what benefits you'll receive.


Oly Seminar

  • This 7 hour seminar is for beginners, intermediate athletes and trainers.

  • Topics includes progressions of the Snatch, C+J and video analysis of each participant.

Cues and Corrections

  • This 5 hour course is not intended for beginners, participants should have an understanding of the basics.

  • This seminar includes advance topics covering cues, errors, drills and proper corrective measures.

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