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Smooth Dip & Drive
Getting Your Head Through

This particular tip describes why coaches use the ‘get your head through’...

Hitting the chin on the Jerk

Hitting our chin with the barbell during the Jerk is not fun and is something we all try to avoid.

Losing contact...

Here is the full video regarding the fault of disconnecting the bar from the body during the dip and drive of the jerk as I promised last week.  

Textbook Jerk

To conclude my "Texbook" series, I wanted to discuss the Jerk. Here we have a Jerk I would refer to as texbook...

Textbook C & J

Here is what I call a Textbook C+J. I am not suggesting it is a “perfect” lift, there is no such thing. I feel a “perfect” lift is relative to the individual athlete. We are all just a bit different; one size does NOT fit all.