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Snatch & Clean the Same
Hitting the Knees

Ever strike your knees unintentionally with the barbell on either Snatch or Clean?

Release the Hook?

Should you release the hook grip during the Snatch?

Bar Separation

By now, we know that we must keep the bar close to our bodies and minimize separation

Bar Displacement

Here is another reason why the bar path is so important in Olympic Weightlifting...

Bar Path

The first priority for coaches and athletes is bar control 

Dynamic Start

Many of my posts are geared towards athletes (beginners/intermediates) and coaches. This post however is a bit more advanced. 

Getting Your Head Through

This particular tip describes why coaches use the ‘get your head through’...

Contacting the Hips

Should the bar hit the same location on the body in both the Snatch and Clean...

Why people jump forward on Snatch

There are 3 main reasons why people jump forward on Snatch...