Hitting the pelvic bone is quite painful for many of us. How we go about avoiding it is important. This problem is common and is a normal phase we go through when perfecting technique. Here is how I recommend fixing it: First, I would NOT automatically change the width of the grip. If you have done this, please return to your normal grip and consider the next two suggestions. Changing your grip in either Snatch or Clean, just to avoid the pain of the pelvic bone, can negatively affect your overhead position (Snatch) or the rack position (clean). This will cause another problem.
I am not saying you can’t adjust your grip, I am only saying it should not be your first attempt at avoiding the problem. Next, try sinking the hips, lower into a power position. Athletes should be doing this anyway,  it adds more flexion of the legs in preparation for the jump (that is another topic coming soon). Lastly, if sinking the hips does not work, then try tensing the arms a bit or the shoulders. This is NOT to say early arm bend or early shrug, just a little tension in the arms and shoulders (which could help with power production anyway) could be all you need to avoid the pain. Many times the athlete only needs a few centimeters higher to avoid the pelvic bone. Yes, when combating the problem, aim higher not lower into the hip region.

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